Make a Gift

Imagine being part of the most ambitious, teacher-led transformation of our education systems ever. Imagine being part of a collective effort that will reshape education into an unstoppable force for building a climate literate society, and at a time when the achievement of universal climate literacy is critical if we hope to transition to an ecological civilization. 

By giving to the Center for Climate Literacy you make a real difference in the fight for our planet’s future and the future of our children. Your support will help us expand this vital work. Our goal is to reach all teachers, in all subject areas, across all grade levels. We will train and support them with the resources they need to build young people’s climate literacy in every classroom. We can do so with your help.

Your gift will be used for programs, materials, and operations that support educators in Minnesota and beyond. See the table below for example costs associated with specific programming.

Project or activityExample CostsLabor calculations
Teacher Leader Fellowship $3,000 per Fellow (stipend and operations)90hrs+ / Fellow
Schools for the Planet Summer Institute$7,700 per Institute (stipends for three instructors + supplies)120hrs+ / instructor
Climate Literacy in Education$17,000 per year (editorial team and reviewer stipends)50+ published articles / year
Undergraduate Assistant$2,400 per Assistant per year160 hrs / Assistant

We are happy to meet with individuals or groups who have specific questions. You can contact us at [email protected].