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Climate Lit is the flagship project of the Center for Climate Literacy. Founded in 2021 by Marek Oziewicz and Lara Saguisag, Climate Lit is an open-access, searchable, online compendium of resources for teaching climate literacy in every classroom using books, films, games, apps, and more. Content is user generated and peer-reviewed  to ensure that entries are both teacher and scholar approved.

Climate Lit's literature database is meant to be ready-to-go for classroom use while also being adaptable for specific contexts. Literature entries on literature go beyond mere summary to highlight how the text provides an opening to discuss specific climate issues, topics, and vocabulary. Accompanying the literature database is a climate literacy glossary: a list of keywords that includes definitions of each term, examples of each term from young people’s literature and media, and examples from real world events. Each glossary entry will include hyperlinks to relevant texts for easy access. Like literature entries, glossary entries are peer-reviewed and open to future edits. Contributors' authorship is acknowledged for every single entry. 

Climate Lit is run by an editorial collective. Dr. Emily Midkiff serves as Managing Editor. She can be reached at [email protected].