Marek Oziewicz

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Marek Oziewicz (pronounced: oz-YE-vige) is a Polish-born scholar of literature and story systems as sociocognitive technologies for personal empowerment and social transformation. Marek is Professor of Literacy Education and holds the Sidney and Marguerite Henry Professorship of Children’s and Young Adult Literature at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. His research explores the deep grammar and design principles of story systems, especially in literature and media for young audiences, focusing on how stories boost young people’s justice literacies, cognitive capacity, and impact on the world. Marek believes that humanity’s greatest challenge today is a transition to an ecological civilization. He serves as Director of the Center for Climate Literacy because he considers education as ground zero for building universal climate literacy and ushering in a just, sustainable world in which human and nonhuman lives can reach their full potential.